In Memory of Her Majesty

At 2 Rivers Property Management we are profoundly sad to learn of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, our nation’s longest serving monarch.

On her 21st birthday, Princess Elizabeth pledged her whole life to our service in a broadcast to the Commonwealth, and she reaffirmed her pledge during her Coronation in 1953. She kept her promise during her seventy-year reign, working until her last 2 days in her 97th year.

A hard-working life defined by a deep sense of duty, our Queen also had a sense of humour appearing with Paddington Bear and a mischievous Olympic parachute jump. She was gracious with people and brought them together through gentle judgement and gestures of reconciliation. The world has lost a wise leader who always promoted  tolerance, love, understanding and peace.

Your Majesty, we thank you for your devotion and commitment to your family and to us, your people. We send our heartfelt condolences to your family, who lost their mother, grandmother and great grandmother. We will miss you. God save the King.

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