Lease Administration

For lease administration our legal colleague is Gibbons Solicitors.  They are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and they are able to advise on residential property matters whether that be sale of freehold or leasehold interests.

Well liked and known here in Suffolk Howard Gibbons has a wealth of experience especially in property matters.  As our legal colleague, he serves the needs of our customers who are selling their properties and need support with the queries which will come to them from the solicitors of their buyers.

These will include:

  • Completion of LPE 1 and LPE 2 forms
  • Leases including Head Leases if applicable
  • Draft Deeds of covenant if applicable
  • Memorandums and Articles of Association
  • Application for membership of the management company

There are other documents to solicitor enquiries during a sale, including service charge accounts, building insurance, S20 notices and Health and Safety risk assessments, but these will be supplied by accounts and property management but Howard’s office is the central point from which the packs are put together.

For further information about our legal colleague Howard Gibbons click here.

Finally, it is important to stress here, that 2 Rivers does not have a financial, corporate or personal relationship with our colleagues.  Their fees and charges are calculated separately without kickbacks or commissions of any kind.


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