Small Block Management up to 10 flats

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Small block management is a service for the financial and legal administration for your block. You take the role of the property manager and we manage the finances such as collecting payments, collect the arrears, pay the bills and compiling the service charge accounts. When properties sell, our colleagues at Gibbons handle the legal paperwork.

Prices start from:

  • £500 for 1-5 flats
  • £800 for 6-10 flats

If you are a small block of flats up to 10 in number, and need support, but are not able to stretch to the commitment of appointing a managing agent, we have a service for you.

Our role is to keep things going, by managing your finances.  Your Director will set the budget and we will send out service charge invoices, collect the money and put it into a client bank account for your site. We offer administrative and financial back up only; and legislative back up if one of your members wants to sell their property.

This service relies on at least 1 Director to be the manager of organising repairs and any maintenance your site and its members call for. The Director will ask us to pay those contractors from your funds, and we will do this online.

We have colleagues who deal with Companies House and prepare the year end service charge accounts. This keeps you compliant with Sections 21-28 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987.

What if you struggle to find a director who will be responsible for setting the budget and management of the contractors? We increase the budget by 5% or the inflation rate, whichever is higher until we are provided with a budget. This would only come into effect after email reminders and other attempts to contact all residents.

Due to one of the residents taking responsibility for the maintenance of the site, this service is not fully managed because you don’t get a property manager. The property is managed by your Director and we fulfil the routine administration and accounting services.

Below is the service in a concise list:

The Director/s will:

  • Set the budget & email it to us
  • Run any meetings
  • Arrange quotations
  • Organise repairs
  • Instruct us to pay contractors

Our site support will send you: 

  • a copy of the budget
  • invoices and reminders
  • take legal action on any arrears
  • the annual service charge accounts

 Our colleagues will also:

  • file the Annual Return with Companies House
  • file the Accounts
  • deal with any Solicitors enquiries when a property is selling

As a site, you get assurance that:

  • Invoices and demands are legally valid
  • Arrears will be chased
  • Contractors will be paid
  • Service charge accounts will be compliant 

We’ll offer customers:

  • 2 ways to pay (cheque or online)


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