Right to Manage Explained

Right to manage is available to leaseholders living in flats where the lease requires certain management and maintenance functions to be carried out.  Residents who want to invoke this legislation do not need to prove any wrong doing in the managing agent or the landlord – it was introduced to give leaseholders the power to take charge of their own building.  There are 4 main requirements before this can be granted by the First Tier Tribunal and these are:

  1. 50% of the leaseholders must want to go through the process
  2. No more than 25% of the block can be in used for commercial purposes
  3. The legislation is available for leaseholders of flats, not houses
  4. At least two thirds of the leaseholders must have a long lease – 21 years or longer at the time of issue

If right to manage is granted by the First Tier Tribunal, you will gain a number of advantages.

  • You can manage the block entirely yourselves, but this is usually daunting for most leaseholders and they want to appoint someone else to do some of the tasks which are part of the lease.
  • You can keep the managing agent who was already doing the work at the time you were granted right to manage status
  • You can appoint a new managing agent of your own choosing

If you want the help of 2 Rivers through this process, we do not insist you appoint us as your managing agent.


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