What is Leasehold

Recent surveys into the experiences of residential property management from all of the sources involved in the industry, including Freeholders, Leaseholders, Managing Agents and others, uncovered a range of positive as well as some very negative stories.

Some of the negative, although specific in nature about costs or the way services are rendered, had the underlying current of “we didn’t understand what leasehold was, until after we had bought the property.”  Throughout the survey it was noted that people felt that they had not been able to make an informed decision.

Our aim at 2 Rivers is twofold:

  • Firstly it is not acceptable, if the leasehold system and the way this type of ownership works, is not properly explained to you
  • Thanks to Right to Manage and Resident Management Companies you have far more control than you do without these contractual structures

We try at 2 Rivers to ensure that you do not feel you have bought into something you did not fully appreciate.




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