Secretarial Services

For secretarial services, our colleagues are Jordans Trust.

These services include 3 elements:

  • Accounts have to be submitted to Companies House
  • Information and updating Companies House about your Directors
  • Minutes to be taken at the AGM meeting and reports distributed to the residents

However, because two of these requirements are generally done once a year, 2 Rivers, will be sharing these duties with Jordans. For Right to Manage and Resident Management Companies already set up, they supply the secretarial support service including reminders as to when accounts and other returns are required to be submitted at Companies House and completion of the Annual confirmation statement (previously known as the annual return). They  will also inform Companies House of any change of directors and if there are no changes, they will update the list.

2 Rivers will be attending the Annual General Meeting with the residents to take minutes and distribute reports. This way our accounts department with the directors, will complete the AGM minutes and reports.

hands-1282376__180  For those leaseholders who are not yet a Right to Manage or Resident Management Company and this may be something you want to pursue, Jordans will be our partner to help you with the company formation aspect of this service.  There are a high number of successful FTT hearings for right to manage, but there is a procedure which has to be followed for this outcome. As mentioned from the Competition & Markets Authority survey, most people feel they have more control with this leasehold arrangement and therefore have a higher degree of satisfaction.

For company formations Jordans has a special arrangement with us.  You will receive this service with a £100 discount off their regular fee of £349.00 plus VAT.

The fee covers the following:

  • Electronic and printed certificate of incorporation
  • Electronic RTM Articles of Association
  • 6 Bound copies of the RTM Articles of Association
  • Statutory register
  • Seal
  • Electronic minutes of directors first meeting
  • Completed company registers
  • Membership Certificates

Visit their website here if you would like further information.

It is important to stress here, that 2 Rivers does not have a financial, corporate or personal relationship with our colleagues.  Their fees and charges are calculated separately without kickbacks and commissions of any kind.




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