Property Management

construction-370588__180  Property Management is probably the most exciting area of management for Right to Manage and Resident Management Directors and their leaseholders, in the way in which we work at 2 Rivers.

Far from being told who the contractors are, we take detailed and careful time to go through the needs of each building so that a tailor made package of management services can be arranged and put into place.  It is then an open and constructive discussion with the directors, who they want to use to deliver the service needs.

We have colleagues we recommend, but in our experience leaseholders know who they trust and want.  Often they already have either a loose or formal agreement with someone and it is our policy to encourage their confidence that they are in control and make this decision.

gardener-with-lawnmower-and-rake    We meet with the directors and go through a list of possible maintenance needs.  In no particular order these include the following:

  1. Planned and cyclical maintenance
  2. Inspection reports
  3. Property record keeping
  4. Specifications for long term contracts for general repairs, gardening, window cleaning, gutter clearance and interior cleaning
  5. Specifications for major works like carpet replacement, car park re-surfacing, re-decorating the building, roof repairs or replacement, lift maintenance and replacement and steel balcony maintenance and repairs
  6. Contractor Health and Safety Policy Statement, Risk Assessments and Method Statements
  7. Legal advice on planned maintenance in line with the lease
  8. Setting property maintenance budgets in line with the lease
  9. Contractor’s contracts
  10. Annual review of existing property maintenance contracts
  11. Risk Management to do the following:
    • Fire Risk Assessments
    • Health and Safety Risk Assessments
    • Reinstatement Cost Assessments
    • Asbestos Surveys
  12. Detailed notes on the property’s management
  13. Hiring of contractors to carry out remedial work
  14. Help with the S20 process
  15. Insurance claims
  16. Work with 2 Rivers on site budgets
  17. Software for property management
  18. Report presentation to the residents on property maintenance and keeping leaseholders informed
  19. Utility costs and assigning contractors who are responsible for repairs involving plumbing, electrics and gas

After we have met to discuss your building’s needs, we quote an annual management fee and it is usually helpful for the residents to know what proportion of this will be their responsibility.  Once we have established service needs and costs, we can move forward to settling and signing contractor contracts.

Finally, it is important to stress here, that 2 Rivers does not have a financial, corporate or personal relationship with our partners.  Their fees and charges are calculated separately without kickbacks or commissions of any kind.


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