Landlords & Property Developers

Lease AgreementLandlords are owners of the freehold.  Able to manage the building themselves or assign an agent they are subject to all of the other obligations and restrictions in the lease, in providing building insurance, efficient contractors, health and safety, good employment law and financial accountability to name a few.

The major difference between a landlord and a right to manage company is that they could be an individual or a company who are not part of the residents living at the development. They would also have been part of those drawing up the lease and how it is enacted.

Somewhat vilified in the past, they are the backbone of new developments and the risk takers in an industry with every increasing costs, a market with huge demand but one which calls for a plethora of skills in construction and design and who recently have come under pressure to build “affordable” homes.Plans of a house

This much debated subject will continue to be discussed whilst homes are needed but budgets squeezed.  Legislation pertaining to this group is called right of first refusal and has a link on our resident management companies page. Click here.

Our service for landlords is the same as all of the other groups.

It is important to stress, that 2 Rivers does not have a financial, corporate or personal relationship with our colleagues.  Their fees and charges are calculated separately without kickbacks or commissions of any kind.


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