Property Investment

As well as managing leasehold properties, 2 Rivers is a property investment company.  We believe in turning houses into homes and selling or letting them ~ the customer market dictates which.

Never before has our country had such a great need for homes in all sectors of society.  In tandem with other factors such as our ageing population and all of us living longer, the growth of our economy brought high immigration and the knock on effect of demand for housing.  At our base in Ipswich the council is currently considering options for the first council house building programme for more than 20 years.  The private rental sector too is up at 18%, being higher now than social housing.  And with an ageing population the demand for retirement housing is on the increase.

At 2 Rivers we want to address this exciting growth in our country’s housing needs and are working with a power team of people to find solutions to these challenges.

If you are an investor looking for properties to invest in, take a look at the projects we have available on the table.