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2 Rivers seeks to address the issue of customer control, and to approach the subject of property management in a new way. It has been common practice with most managing agents to have different departments manage the different areas of the industry.

These fall broadly into 3 areas:

  • Property Management
  • Legal
  • Accounting (including secretarial services)

Experience has it, to provide all of these services under one roof as a one stop shop for all leasehold needs. However, this isn’t always what all Resident Management Companies and Right to Manage Companies want.  There is no choice, and it does not always provide value for money.

We have therefore taken a different approach, and 2 Rivers Property Management offers what we call your leasehold service choice.  What this means, is if you appoint us as your managing agent, you can select which of the services you require – our service is unbundled, but it can be bundled in any way you choose.  With this approach, our aim is to provide a 1st class service for those of you who have taken the plunge, and taken control.

We have recognised the huge changes in leasehold legislation which have made it possible for residents to take control of the management of their own properties and to enjoy being able to make the important decisions that these freedoms have brought. For these to work as they should, you should be able to choose how to manage in the fashion right for your building and your residents.

If you are new to leasehold ownership we have a little bit of explanatory information to help you understand how leasehold works as well as links to more formal websites if you want to dig deeper and know more. We highly recommend a visit to LEASE where leaseholder friendly advice is available and was recently affirmed by a survey conducted by the Competition and Markets Authority.

If you know how leasehold works, you may want to skip to our pages on the budgets and service charges.  Feel free to browse this website, fill in our enquiry form, or if you desire to discuss in person, give us a call.  We would love to hear from you.

Finally, it is important to stress here, that 2 Rivers does not have a financial, corporate or personal relationship with our partners.  Their fees and charges are calculated separately without kickbacks or commissions of any kind.



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