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Apart from attractive properties and their neighbourhoods which tick all the right boxes, there are probably as many reasons as there are residents which draws people to leasehold ownership.  Whether a collection of cottages, a block of flats or a development of semi-detached houses – there is something very communal about living in leasehold accommodation.

The services rendered in these sites vary according in large part of what the building comprises.  A collection of cottages will not need lift maintenance, but a block of flats may not have a garden.

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The needs of the property will inform the management, the budget and the finances.  The contracts both for management and financial will conform to all legal requirements both statutory and otherwise.

Your first contact with our services after the paperwork from your solicitor, should include the accounts. Your budget will show you what services are rendered and these give you an idea of what is involved in the property management, and these are set by the  lease, and from that you can see the care which should be given to the communal parts of the building.

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