Practices still giving us all a bad name


Insurance commissions with Landlords are still skimming 40-50% of premiums.  When is this going to be made illegal?

Ground rent abuses with builders of flats increasing the starting levels of ground rent and frequency of reviews.

Leasehold houses with unfair practices still happening of selling houses as leasehold instead of freehold and leases being drafted with ground rents doubling every 10 years. Promises for the freehold to become available for sale were misleading as these were sold to companies specialising in freeholds and the price greatly inflated.  These houses then become unsaleable.  This gives the industry a terrible name.


Given these practices, the much used and respected leasehold advisory service is to become self funding in 4 years if the government has it way.  Is this practical and will it leave leaseholders without an impartial watchdog to advise them? At the LEASE conference the housing minister said that LEASE would continue without needing to be self funding until 2020.



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