Reform of the PRS (Private Rented Sector)

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Regulation of the private rented sector is one of the hot subjects under current debate in the kingdoms of our neighbours Scotland and Wales and has spread now to Northern Ireland.

Proposals for changes include regulation of letting agents and subjecting properties built before 1956 to rent control. They also want to ban letting agent fees.  Consultation closing on 3 April 2017 is in the 2nd stage in the communities department’s review of the role of the PRS and their proposals can be read here.

Other proposals include extending notice periods, fast track eviction service, landlord advice line, tenant information packs being mandatory and making smoke and carbon monoxide alarms mandatory.

How long before England is subject to some of these proposals?  That said proposals for a selective licensing scheme has been approved by the Bournemouth Borough Council running until 1 May 2017 which if adopted will require landlords to manage their properties in accordance with conditions which the Council specifies.  Failure to do so could lead to enforcement action.  To us, this sounds like reform of the PRS in parts of Bournemouth.


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