Do you like the idea of banning a Landlord?

gavel-booksCurrently under consultation by survey, the Government is tackling the thorny issue of offences committed by a landlord or letting agent which enables the FTT to issue a banning order.

Potential offences include things like housing, immigration and crime. The purpose of it is to establish what tenants would define as an ‘offence’ serious enough for a landlord or letting agent to be banned.

It is being so seriously considered that those who do face the banning order would be entered onto a data base of ‘convicted’ offenders.  The survey is open to anyone and although this is not mentioned, 2 Rivers would imagine that they are most interested in hearing from members of the public who have been tenants of a particularly nasty landlord or letting agent.

If you are interested, click here to connect to the survey forms.  The deadline is 10 February 2017 and completed forms after this date will not be considered.



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