Snow is pretty but ice…

robin-on-ice  The Health and Safety Executive encourages a common sense approach when it comes to the issue of icy weather and keeping safe.

  • Ask your managing agent to arrange a health and safety risk assessment
  • From this, develop procedures for snow and ice clearance or gritting
  • Arrange gritting or clearing on the essentially identified paved areas
  • Communicate to the residents and accept that no system delivers 100% protection and in some places it may be impossible to make arrangements.
  • Get your managing agent to check with the attitude of your insurers and their policy.
  • If you want your managing agent to arrange the gritting make sure you have communicated this to them.
  • What is practical given the layout of your scheme – should you employ contractors or staff to do this?
  • Assess your scheme’s risk and put a simple system in place.
  • Use your best endeavours to protect residents, contractors and other visitors from possible injury if they attempt to clear snow and ice.
  • Obtain and maintain suitable safety warning notices.
  • Ensure that the notices are placed at all normal exit routes and those identified by a risk assessment.
  • Remove the notices when conditions improve
  • If you do decide to employ contractors to clear snow and ice, or spread grit, employ them in a cost effective manner.
  • Develop and maintain emergency contact listing for contractors on the approved list.
  • Ensure adequate stocks of salt and grit are available and located within a suitable storage container.
  • The most practical solution may be to allow residents to help by spreading grit around their doors and any part of the pathway at their door.

Lastly, if you are responsible for clearing ice the Met Office snow code gives general advice about helping with snow clearance.

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